We won’t ever claim to have 100,000 readers (large disengaged audience).

Instead, we are proud of our small but engaged audience of 3000 to 4000+ institutional investors with investment interests in Asia (and invariably, Indonesia) who can deeply connect with our content.

This belief informs our coverage. Put simply:

Our core readership include:

  1. Buyside-Sellside Analysts and Investors
  2. Pension Funds, Insurance Cos & Asset Managers
  3. Private Banks, SWFs, VCs, PEIs & Family Offices
  4. Corporate, Commercial & Investment Banks
  5. Regulators & Rating Agencies
  6. CEOs, CFOs & IROs at Top 30-50 IDX Listed Companies
  7. Foreign Corporates & Multinationals



AIG Global Investment
Allied Capital Management
Allstate Investments
American Century Investment Management
American Express Financial Advisors
American International Group
Analytic/TSA Global Asset Management
Arnhold and S Bleichroeder
Asia Pacific Finance Group
Barclays Global Investors
Baring Asset Management
Boston Company Asset Management
Bridgewater Asset Management
Brown Brothers Harriman
Chase Asset Management
Clemente Capital
Columbus Circle Investors
Credit Suisse Asset Management
DSI International
Dubin & Swieca Capital Management
Evergreen Funds
Federated Global Investment Management
Federated Global Research
Fidelity Investments
Fischer Francis Trees & Watts
GE Asset Management
GE Investments
Global Asset Management
Global Investment for Development
Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo LLC
Harbour Capital Management
Independence International
International Assets Advisory Corp
International Investment Advisers
International Portfolio Management
Invesco Global Asset Management (NA) Inc
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance
Lazard Freres Asset Management
Lexington Management Corp
Lombard Pacific Partners
Loomis Sayles & Company
MacKay Shields
MeesPierson Capital Management
Merrill Lynch Asset Management
MFS Investment Management
Mitchell Hutchins Asset Management
Morgan Stanley Asset Management
Northern Trust Company
Oaktree Capital Management
Oppenheimer Capital LP
Pacific Income Advisers
Pacific Pension Institute
Panagora Asset Management
Pineapple Offshore Funds Inc
Pioneering Management
PNC Asset Management Group
Provident Mutual Life Insurance
Prudential Global Advisors
Prudential Insurance Company Of America
Prudential Investments
Scudder Kemper Investments
Sit/Kim International Investment Association
Soros Fund Management
Standish International Management
State Street Global Advisors
Structured Credit International
Templeton Worldwide
US Trust
Warburg, Pincus Counsellor
Zurich Asset Management


3I Asset Management
Abbey Life Investment Services
Abbey National Treasury Services
Aberdeen Asset Management
ABN Amro Asset Management
Adam & Company Investment Management
Aetna Capital Management International
AIB Govett Asset Management
AIG Global Investment
AIG Life (UK)
Albert E Sharp Fund Managers
Alliance Capital Management International
Alliance Trust
AMP Asset Management
Astaire & Partners
Association of German Mortgage Banks
AXA Sun Life Investment Management
Baillie Gifford & Company
Bank of England Pension Fund
Bank of Ireland Asset Management
Bank of Scotland Investment Services
Bankers Trust Asset Management
Barclays Global Investors
Baring Asset Management
Bermuda International Investment Management
Berry Asset Management
Bessemer Trust Company NA
Blackrock International
Blue Circle Investment Management
BP Pension Services
Britannia Investment Managers
Brown Brothers Harriman
Buchanan Capital Management
Canada Life Assurance
Cantrade Investment Management
Capel-Cure Myers Capital Management
Capital International
Carr Shepherds
Cazenove Fund Management
CCLA Investment Management
Chase Asset Management
Chescor Capital
Cigna International Investment Advisers
Citibank Global Asset Management
City of London Investment Management
Clerical Medical International
Co-operative Insurance Society
Commercial General Accident
Commonwealth Development Corp
Coutts & Co
Credit Suisse Asset Management
Culross Global Management
Delaware International Advisors
Dresdner RCM Global Investors
Dresdner Rosenberg Capital
Edinburgh Fund Managers
Edmond De Rothschild Asset Management
Equitable Life Assurance Society
Ermitage Management
Exeter Investment Group
Fidelity Investments Services
Fiduciary Trust
First International Advisors
Fleming Investment Mangement
Foreign & Colonial Emerging Markets
Framlington Investment Management
Friends Ivory & Sime
Genesis Investment Management
Global Asset Management
GMO Woolley
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Guardian Asset Management
Guinness Flight Hambro Asset Management
Halifax Fund Management
Hambros Fund Management Plc
Hansard Fund Managers
Henderson Investors
Hermes Investment Management
Hill Samuel Asset Management
HSBC Asset Management
IAI International
IBJ Asset Management
Invesco Fund Managers
Invesco Global Asset Management
John Hancock Advisers International
JP Morgan Investment Management
Julius Baer Investment
Jupiter Asset Management
Kleinwort Benson Investment Mgmt
Manulife Financial
Mercury Asset Management
Moore Capital Management
Morgan Grenfell Asset Management
Nikko Europe
Old Mutual Asset Managers
Prudential Portfolio Managers UK
Sabre Fund Management
Schroder Investment Management
Schroders Capital Management
Scottish Amicable Investment Managers
Scottish Widows Investment Mgt Ltd
Standard Life Assurance Company
Standard Life Investments
Strategic Asset Management Solutions
Sun Life Financial Services of Canada Inc.
Sun Life Investment Management
UBS Trustees
Warne Investment Management


AIMIC Investment Management Ltd
Alico Japan
Asahi Mutual Life Insurance
Asahi Life Asset Management Co
Asahi Tokyo Investment Trust Management
Chiyoda Fire & Insurance
Chiyoda Kasai Asset Management
Chiyoda Mutual Life Insurance
Chuo Trust & Banking
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Asset Management
Dai-ichi Life Asset Management
Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company
Dai-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insurance
Daido Life Investment Trust Management
Daiwa  Asset Management
DLIBJ Asset Management
Dowa Fire & Marine Insurance
Fidelity Investments
Fuji Fire & Marine Insurance
Fuji Investment Management
Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Industrial Bank of Japan
Invesco Global Asset Management
Japan Investment Trust Management
Jardine Fleming Investment Trust & Advisory Compan
Koa Fire & Marine Insurance
Kokusai Asset Management
Marubeni Pension Fund
Meiji Life Insurance
Merrill Lynch Investment Managers
Mitsubishi Trust & Banking
Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance
Mitsui Marine Asset Management
Mitsui Trust & Banking
Nichido Fire & Marine Insurance
Nikko Asset Management
Nippon Fire & Marine Insurance
Nippon Trust Bank
Nissan Fire & Marine Insurance
Nissay Asset Management Corp
Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance
Nomura Asset Management
Osaka Securities Finance
Prudential – Mitsui Trust Investments
Sakura Investment Management
Sanyo Investment Trust Management
Sawakami Asset Management
Schroder Investment Management
SG Yamaichi Asset Management
Shin-Wako Securities Investment Trust Management
Shinkin Asset Management
State Street Global Advisors
Sumisei Global Investment Trust Management
Sumitomo Life Investment
Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance
Sumitomo Trust & Banking
Taisei Fire & Marine Insurance
Taiyo Investment Trust Management
Tokai Asset Management
Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance
Tokio Marine Asset Management Co.
Tokyo Mitsubishi Asset Management
Tokyo Trust Asset Management
Toyo Trust & Banking
UAM Investment Trust Management
UBS Fund Management
Warburg Pincus Asset Management Ince
Yasuda Fire & Mainre Insurance
Yasuda Kasai Cigna Securities
Yasuda Kasai Global Asset Management
Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance
Yasuda Trust & Banking


AB Capital and Investment CorporationPhilippines
ABN AMRO Asset Management (FE) LtdHong Kong
Aboitiz and Equity VenturesPhilippines
Abrar Global Asset Managers Sdn BhdMalaysia
Abtrust Fund Managers (Singapore) LtdSingapore
ACE Insurance LtdThailand
ADM CapitalHong Kong
Aegon Life Insurance Taiwan BranchTaiwan
AETNAHong Kong
Aetna Insurance BerhadMalaysia
Aetna International, Inc.Hong Kong
AETNA Osotspa Life AssuranceThailand
Aetna Universal Insurance BerhadMalaysia
Affin Fund Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
AIA Co LtdMalaysia
AIG American International CompaniesHong Kong
AIG Financial Products Asia LtdHong Kong
AIG Fund ManagementHong Kong
AIG Global Real Estate Investment CorporationHong Kong
AIG Investment CorporationPhilippines
AIG Securities Investment & Trust Co LtdTaiwan
Alliance Capital Management (Singapore) LtdSingapore
Alliance Capital Management Corporation c/o New AlHong Kong
Allianz Asset ManagementSingapore
Allianz Asset Management (HK) LtdHong Kong
Allianz Cornhill Insurance Co.Hong Kong
Allianz First Life Insurance Co.LtdSouth Korea
Allianz President Life InsuranceTaiwan
Allstate Life InsurancePhilippines
Alpha Asset ManagementMalaysia
Amal Assurance BhdMalaysia
Amanah Asset Managers Sdn BhdMalaysia
Amanah International Finance Sdn BhdMalaysia
America Standard CompaniesHong Kong
American Express Asset ManagementHong Kong
American International AssuranceHong Kong
American International AssuranceSingapore
American International Assurance CoSouth Korea
American International Assurance Co LtdHong Kong
American International Assurance Co LtdMalaysia
American International Assurance Co LtdThailand
American International Assurance Co, LtdSingapore
American International Assurance Co.,LtdThailand
American International Assurance Provident FundThailand
American International GroupHong Kong
American StandardThailand
AMMB Asset Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
AMP Asset ManagementAustralia
Arab Malaysian Assurance BhdMalaysia
ARMC Asset Management CorporationPhilippines
ARS Reinsurance Brokers, Inc.Philippines
Ascendant Fund ManagementHong Kong
Ashmour Investment ManagementHong Kong
ASIA Debt Management Hong Kong LtdHong Kong
Asia Insurance CompanyHong Kong
Asia Life Assurance Society LtdMalaysia
Asia Pacific Securities Investment Trust Co LtdTaiwan
Asia Strategic Investment Management LtdHong Kong
Asia Unit Trust BhdMalaysia
Asian Alliance Investment CorpPhilippines
Asian Development BankPhilippines
Asian Finance and Investment Corporation LtdSingapore
Asian Infrastructure Fund AdvisersHong Kong
Asian Securitization & Infrastructure AssuranceSingapore
Asiatic Development BerhadMalaysia
AsiaVest Investment AdvisoryHong Kong
Assar Asset ManagementMalaysia
Asset Korea Capital ManagementSouth Korea
Asset Life InsuranceHong Kong
Asset Management (Asia) LtdHong Kong
Associated International HotelsHong Kong
Association of Investment Management CompaniesThailand
AXA Investment ManagersSingapore
AXA Investment Managers Hong Kong LtdHong Kong
AXA Life Insurance Company LtdSingapore
Axiom Investment ManagementHong Kong
Ayala LifePhilippines
Ayudhya CMG Life Assurance PclThailand
Ayudhya Insurance Plc.Thailand
Ayudhya Investment & TrustThailand
Ayudhya Jardine Fleming Asset Management Ltd.Thailand
Bangkok Bank Provident Fund ManagementThailand
Bangkok Capital AllianceThailand
Bangkok First Investment and Trust PclThailand
Bangkok Insurance PclThailand
Bangkok Life Assurance Co LtdThailand
Bangkok Metropolitan Life Assurance Co LtdThailand
Bank of Aydhya Provident Fund Asset ManagementThailand
Bank Pembangunan & Infrastruktur MalaysiaMalaysia
Bank Pempangunan BhdMalaysia
Barclays International Funds AsiaHong Kong
Baring Asset Management (Asia)Hong Kong
Baring Private Equity Partners AsiaHong Kong
BBL Asset Management Co LtdThailand
BBMB Unit Trust Management BhdMalaysia
Beneficial Life-PNB Life Insurance Co., Inc.Philippines
Berjaya Prudential Assurance LimitedMalaysia
Berkley Int’l. Life InsurancePhilippines
BHLB Asset Management Sdn bhdMalaysia
BNP Asset ManagementHong Kong
BNP Paribas Fixed IncomeSingapore
BOA Asset Management Co LtdThailand
BOCI Asset Management LtdHong Kong
BOCI-Prudential Asset Management LtdHong Kong
Bowen Capital ManagementHong Kong
BPI Asset Management & Trust FundsPhilippines
BPI Capital CorporationPhilippines
BPI Investment Management IncPhilippines
Brunei Investment AgencyMalaysia
Capella Investment (Bermuda) LtdHong Kong
Capital Insurance BhdMalaysia
Capital Investment CompanyTaiwan
Cargill Asia Pacific Treasury LtdSingapore
Carlson Investment Management FE LtdHong Kong
Cathay Life InsuranceTaiwan
CEF.TAL Investment Management (Bermuda) LtdHong Kong
Central Investment Management LimitedHong Kong
Central Investment Trust CompanySouth Korea
Central Provident Fund BoardSingapore
Centre Representatives (Asia) LtdHong Kong
Centre SolutionsHong Kong
CGU InsuranceHong Kong
CGU InsuranceMalaysia
CGU Insurance (Thai) Company LtdThailand
Chartered Asset ManagementSingapore
Chase Asset ManagementHong Kong
Chimney InvestmentsHong Kong
China Enterprise Investment ManagementHong Kong
China Everbright (Singapore) Investment Co.Singapore
China Everbright Financial Investment LtdHong Kong
China Insurance (HK) GroupHong Kong
China Life InsuranceTaiwan
China Life Insurance Company LtdHong Kong
China Reinsurance Co. (HK) LtdHong Kong
China Resources (Holdings) Co LtdHong Kong
China Resources EnterpriseHong Kong
China Securities Investment TrustTaiwan
China Travel Finance & Investment (HK)Hong Kong
China Travel International Investment HK LtdHong Kong
Chohung Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
CHUBB Insurance Co LtdThailand
Citibank Global Asset ManagementHong Kong
Citizens Investment Trust Management & SecuritiesSouth Korea
CJ Investment Trust CoSouth Korea
Clariden Asset Management (Singapore) Pte LtdSingapore
CMG First State InvestmentsSingapore
CMG Life Insurance Co LtdPhilippines
CNG First State InvestmentsHong Kong
Combank Investment Trust ManagementSouth Korea
Commerce Asset Fund ManagersMalaysia
Commercial Union Assurance Co LtdThailand
Commercial Union Assurance Company Hong Kong
Community Chest Of Hong KongHong Kong
Core Pacific GroupHong Kong
Core Pacific Securities InvestmentTaiwan
Core Pacific Yamaichi International LtdHong Kong
Crosby Asset Management (HK) LimitedHong Kong
Daehan Fire & Marine InsuranceSouth Korea
Daehan Investment Trust Corp.South Korea
Daewoo Capital Management CompanySouth Korea
Dai-Ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co.Singapore
Daishin Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Daishin Life Insurance Co ltdSouth Korea
Daiwa Asset ManagementSingapore
Daiwa Asset Management (HK) Ltd.Hong Kong
Daiwa SB Investments (HK) LtdHong Kong
Dao Heng Fund Management LtdHong Kong
DB Fund Management LtdSingapore
DBS Asset Management LimitedSingapore
Delta Asia Financial GroupHong Kong
Department of the TreasuryThailand
Der-Chin Investment CorpTaiwan
Deutsche Asset ManagementSingapore
Deves Insurance PclThailand
Dexia JMF Asset MgmtMalaysia
Dhana Siam Provident Fund Asset ManagementThailand
Dhipaya Insurance Co LtdThailand
Dong Ah Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Dong Yang Benefit Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Dong Yang Investment Trust CompanySouth Korea
Dongbu Axa Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Dongbu Fire & MarineSouth Korea
Dongbu InsuranceSouth Korea
Dongbu Investment Trust ManagementSouth Korea
Dongwon Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Doowon Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Dresdner Asset Management(Taiwan)Taiwan
Dresdner RCM Global Investors Asia LtdHong Kong
East Asia AETNA Insurance GroupHong Kong
East Asia Asset ManagementHong Kong
ED & F ManHong Kong
EK Investment Management LimitedHong Kong
Elegance International HoldingsHong Kong
Emerging Markets PartnershipHong Kong
Employees Provident FundMalaysia
European Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentUnited Kingdom
Fatum Fund Management LtdHong Kong
Fidelity Investment ManagementUnited States
Fidelity Investments Management (HK) LtdHong Kong
First Fire & Marine Insurance CoSouth Korea
First Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
France Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Fubon InsuranceTaiwan
Fubon Securities Investment Trust CoTaiwan
Fuh Hwa Investment Trust Co LtdTaiwan
GA Insurance MalaysiaMalaysia
Gadek Asset Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
Galaxy Asset Management (H.K.) Ltd.Hong Kong
GE Capital Asia Pacific LtdHong Kong
GE Life InsurancePhilippines
General Oriental Investments LtdHong Kong
Global Asset ManagementHong Kong
Global Partners Asset ManagementHong Kong
Global Strategic Capital Management LtdHong Kong
Goldman Sachs Asset ManagementHong Kong
Government Employees’ Pension ManagementSouth Korea
Government of Singapore Investment CorporationSingapore
Government of the Hong Kong SARHong Kong
Government Pension FundThailand
Government Savings BankThailand
Government Secretariat, MPF Hong Kong
Government Service Insurance SystemPhilippines
Grand Generale Asset Management LtdHong Kong
Grand Hotel HoldingsHong Kong
Grand Pacific Capital Management Private LtdSingapore
Grand Pacific Investment & Development Co LtdTaiwan
Grand Pacific Securities Investment Trust Co LtdTaiwan
Grant/Subsidized Schools Provident FundHong Kong
Great Eastern LifeSingapore
Great Eastern Life Assurance BhdMalaysia
Great Eastern Life Assurance Company LtdSingapore
Guangdong Enterprises (Holdings)Hong Kong
Guangdong InvestmentHong Kong
Guinness Flight Hambro Asia LtdHong Kong
GZITIC Hualing HoldingsHong Kong
Haedong Fire & Marine Insurance CoSouth Korea
Hamon Asset ManagementHong Kong
Hamon Investment GroupHong Kong
Hang Lung Development Co LtdHong Kong
Hang Seng Investment Management LtdHong Kong
Hanil Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Hanil Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Hannam Investment Trust & SecutitiesSouth Korea
Hannuri InvestmentSouth Korea
Hansberger Global Investors LtdHong Kong
Hansung Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Hanwha Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Hendale GroupHong Kong
Henderson Investors (Singapore) LtdSingapore
HIH Insurance (Asia) LtdHong Kong
Hintz Capital Management LtdHong Kong
HLB Unit Trust Management BhdMalaysia
HLG Asset ManagementMalaysia
Home Development Mutual FundPhilippines
Hon Kwok Land InvestmentHong Kong
Hong Leong Assurance BhdMalaysia
Hong Leong Fund Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
Hong Leong Management Co Sdn BhdMalaysia
HSBC Asset Management (Hong Kong) LtdHong Kong
HSBC Trinkaus Investment Management LtdHong Kong
Hungkuk Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Hyundai Investment Trust Management & SecuritiesSouth Korea
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance CoSouth Korea
ICG Investment Management (Asia) LtdSouth Korea
Impac Asset Management (HK) Ltd.Hong Kong
Income Partners Asset Management (HK) LtdHong Kong
Indocam Asia Asset ManagementHong Kong
Indosuez Asset ManagementHong Kong
Industrial Finance Corporation of ThailandThailand
ING CHB Securities Investment Trust Co LtdThailand
ING Insurance IndonesiaTaiwan
ING Investment Management (Asia Pacific) LimittedHong Kong
ING Life IndonesiaHong Kong
ING Mutual Funds Management (Thailand) Co LtdThailand
Institute for International Monetary AffairsThailand
Insular LifeJapan
Insular Life InsurancePhilippines
Insurance Corporation of Singapore LtdPhilippines
Interlife John Hancock Assurance PclSingapore
Interlife John Hancock Asurance PclThailand
International Bills Finance CorporationThailand
International Finance CorporationTaiwan
International Investment Trust CompanyPhilippines
International Investment Trust CompanyTaiwan
International Monetary FundIndonesia
International Monetary FundJapan
International Monetary FundTaiwan
International Monetary FundUnited States
Intrinsic Capital Management Sdn BhdUnited States
Invesco Asia LtdHong Kong
Invesco Asia LtdMalaysia
INVESCO Asset Management (Singapore) Singapore
Investec Guinness Flight AsiaHong Kong
Investec Guinness Flight AsiaSingapore
J P Morgan Investment Management IncorporatedHong Kong
Jakarta Assetama ManagementSingapore
Jardine Fleming Investment ManagementHong Kong
Jardine Fleming Investment ManagementTaiwan
Jardine Fleming Investment ManagementSingapore
Jardine Fleming Investment Management LtdSouth Korea
Jardine Fleming NusantaraSingapore
Jernah Insurance BhdMalaysia
Jiu Sun Securities Investment Trust Co LtdMalaysia
JMF Asset Management Sdn BhdTaiwan
Jooeun Investment Trust Management CoMalaysia
Josun Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Jupiter Asset ManagementHong Kong
Jupiter Asset ManagementSouth Korea
KEB Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Keppel Investment Management LimitedSouth Korea
Keppel Tat Lee Asset Management LimitedSingapore
KLCS Asset Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
Kleinwort Benson LtdMalaysia
Kookmin Investment Trust Management CoMalaysia
Kookmin Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Koperasi Asuransi IndonesiaSouth Korea
Korea Asset Management CorporationSouth Korea
Korea Deposit Insurance CorporationSouth Korea
Korea Investment CorporationSouth Korea
Korea Investment Management Aisa LtdSouth Korea
Korea Investment Trust CoSouth Korea
Korea Life Insurance CoSouth Korea
Korea Teachers’ Mutual FundSouth Korea
Krung Thai Asset Management Co LtdSouth Korea
Krung Thai Bank Provident Fund Asset ManagementThailand
KSC Investment ManagersThailand
Kuala Lumpur Mutual FundMalaysia
Kyobo Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Kyobo Life Insurance Co.South Korea
Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera Armed ForcesMalaysia
LG InsuranceMalaysia
LG Insurance CoSouth Korea
LG Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Life Insurance Company of North AmericaSouth Korea
Lingui Development BhdSouth Korea
Lippo General Insurance TbkMalaysia
Lippo Investments Management LtdHong Kong
Lloyd George ManagementHong Kong
Long Investment Management LtdHong Kong
MAA AssuranceHong Kong
MAA Asuransi JiwaMalaysia
Manulife Aset Manajemen IndonesiaPhilippines
Manulife Funds Direct (HK) LtdHong Kong
Manulife Insurance Co, Phils.Hong Kong
MasterLink Security Investment Trust EnterprisePhilippines
Maybank Investment Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
Maybank Life Assurance BerhadMalaysia
Maybank Management BhdMalaysia
MBA Life Assurance BerhadMalaysia
MBF Unit Trust Management BhdMalaysia
MCIS Insurance BhdMalaysia
MeesPierson Asia (HK) LtdHong Kong
Meespierson Finas Investment ManagementHong Kong
Merrill Lynch Asset ManagementHong Kong
Merrill Lynch Mercury Asset ManagementSingapore
Merrill Lynch Phatra Asset ManagementSouth Korea
Merrill Lynch SingaporeThailand
MetLife InsuranceSingapore
Metlife Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
MetLife Investments Asia LtdHong Kong
Metrowangsa Asset Mgmt Sdn BhdTaiwan
Midas International Asset ManagementMalaysia
Ming An Insurance Company (HK) LtdSouth Korea
Montpelier Asset Management LtdHong Kong
Morgan Grenfell Investment Management AsiaSingapore
Morley Fund management (Singapore) LtdSingapore
Muang Thai Life Assurance Co LtdSingapore
Multi-Purpose Unit Trust Management BhdMalaysia
Multinational Investment BancorporationMalaysia
Mutual Fund Co. of the PhilippinesPhilippines
Nakornthon Schroder Asset ManagementThailand
Nam Seng Insurance PclThailand
Nan Shan Life InsuranceThailand
Narai International Insurance Co LtdTaiwan
National Asset Management Co LtdThailand
National Investment Trust CoThailand
National Mutual Insurance Co LtdTaiwan
National PensionHong Kong
National Pension FundSouth Korea
Navakij Insurance PclThailand
New Alliance Asset Management Asia LtdThailand
New York Life Insurance Co LtdHong Kong
New York Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
New York Life International, Inc.Hong Kong
Niaga Asset ManagementHong Kong
Nikko Capital ManagementSingapore
Nikko Fund ManagementSingapore
Nikko Global Asset Management (Singapore) LtdSingapore
Nippon Life Insurance Company Investment ManagemenSingapore
Nippon Life PhillippinesPhilippines
NITC Asset ManagementPhilippines
Nomura Asset ManagementHong Kong
NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative LtdHong Kong
OAC InsuranceSingapore
OCBC Asset ManagementMalaysia
Ocean Insurance Co Ltd.Singapore
Ocean Life Insurance Co LtdThailand
Office of National Budget Republic of KoreaThailand
One Asset Management LimitedSouth Korea
One Asset Management LimitedThailand
One Investment ManagementThailand
Oriental Fire & Marine InsuranceThailand
Oriental Fire & Marine Insurance CoSouth Korea
Overlook InvestmentsMalaysia
Overseas Assurance Corporation (M) BhdHong Kong
P Asset and Liability Management Ltd.Singapore
Pacific & Orient Insurance Co BhdThailand
Pacific Asset ManagementMalaysia
Pacific Asset Managment (Singapore) Private LtdSingapore
Pacific InsuranceThailand
Pacific Investment Management CompanyThailand
Pacific Life Insurance Co LtdUnited States
Paiboon Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Panin InsuranceThailand
Paramount Global Assets Sdn BhdMalaysia
Paribas Asset ManagementHong Kong
Paribas Asset ManagementMalaysia
Paribas Asset Management Asia LtdSingapore
Paribas Investment ManagementHong Kong
PCI Capital CorporationHong Kong
Pegasus Fund ManagersPhilippines
Phatra Insurance PclHong Kong
Phatra Insurance PclThailand
Pheim Asset Management Sdn BhdThailand
Philam LifeMalaysia
Philippine American Life InsurancePhilippines
Philippine AXA Life InsurancePhilippines
Pioneer Allianz Life Assurance CorporationPhilippines
Polaris Asset ManagementPhilippines
Polaris International Securities Investment TrustHong Kong
Polaris Securities Investment TrustTaiwan
Pornpat InsuranceTaiwan
Principal Insurance Company (HK) Ltd.Thailand
Prudential Asia Fund ManagementHong Kong
Prudential Asia InvestmentsHong Kong
Prudential Asset ManagementHong Kong
Prudential Assurance (M) BhdHong Kong
Prudential Assurance Malaysia BerhadMalaysia
Prudential BancBali Life AssuranceMalaysia
Prudential Hong KongHong Kong
Prudential Insurance BhdHong Kong
Prudential Life Assurance Company LtdMalaysia
Prudential Life Assurance Company LtdTaiwan
Prudential Life Insurance Co of Korea LtdSouth Korea
Prudential Life Plans, Inc.South Korea
Prudential Portfolio Managers AsiaHong Kong
Prudential Portfolio Managers AsiaPhilippines
Prudential Portfolio Managers AsiaSingapore
Prudential TS Life Assurance Co LtdSingapore
Prudential TS Life Assurance PclThailand
PruLife of UKPhilippines
PT (Persero) Asuransi Kesehatan IndonesiaIndonesia
PT ABN Amro Manajemen InvestasiIndonesia
PT ACE INA InsuranceIndonesia
PT Aetna Life IndonesiaIndonesia
PT AIG Lippo LifeIndonesia
PT Alllianz InsuranceIndonesia
PT APP International FinanceIndonesia
PT Ashmore Investment Mgt LtdIndonesia
PT Astra Buana (Insurance)Indonesia
PT Astra CMG LifeIndonesia
PT Asuranal Harta Aman Pratama TbkIndonesia
PT Asuransi AIA IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi AIU IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Allianz Life IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Allianz Utama IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Astra BuanaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Astra BuanaIndonesia
PT Asuransi AXA IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi BancBali Nippon FireIndonesia
PT Asuransi Bintang TbkIndonesia
PT Asuransi Central AsiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Chiyoda IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Chubb IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Dayin Mitra TbkIndonesia
PT Asuransi Ekspor IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Guardian Royal Exchange IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Harapan Aman PratamaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Hastin FAI IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (Persero)Indonesia
PT Asuransi Jasa RahardjaIndonesia
PT Asuransi JasindoIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Adisarana WanaarthaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa AIG LippoIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa AllstateIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Asih Great EasternSingapore
PT Asuransi Jiwa BakrieIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Bersama Bumiputera Indonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Binadaya NusaindahIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa BNI JiwasrayaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Life SejahteraIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Bumi Asih JayaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Bumiputera John HancockIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Central Asia RayaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Century Lifindo PerdanaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Eka LifeIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Jaminan Indonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Metlife SejahteraIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Sewu New York LifeIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Staco RahardjaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwa Tugu MandiriIndonesia
PT Asuransi JiwasrayaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero)Indonesia
PT Asuransi Kesehatan Indonesia(Persero)Indonesia
PT Asuransi Mega Artha AliasindoIndonesia
PT Asuransi Niaga Cigna LifeIndonesia
PT Asuransi QBE Pool IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Raksa PraktikaraIndonesia
PT Asuransi Rama Satria WibawaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Ramayana TbkIndonesia
PT Asuransi SarijayaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Sinar MasIndonesia
PT Asuransi Sunlife IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Winterthur Life IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Asuransi Yasuda IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Australia Indonesian Milk IndustriesIndonesia
PT AXA Life IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Bahana TCW Investment ManagementIndonesia
PT Bakrie Finance CorporationIndonesia
PT Bakrie InvestindoIndonesia
PT BAM Aset ManajemenIndonesia
PT BDNI Asuransi TbkIndonesia
PT Bhakti InvestamaIndonesia
PT BII Lend Lease Investment ServicesIndonesia
PT Bira Asset ManagementIndonesia
PT BNI Nomura Jafco Manajemen VenturaIndonesia
PT Cargill IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Celebes Capital ManagementIndonesia
PT China Insurance IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun & Asuransi Jiwa PrincipalIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Aneka TambangIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Angkasa Pura IIIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun BakrieIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Bank IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Bank MandiriIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Bank Mandiri IIIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Bank Mandiri IIIIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Bank Mandiri IVIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Bank Mandiri PusatIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Bank Negara IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Barata IndIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun BRIIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun BumiputeraIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Caltex Pacific IndIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun DanareksaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Garuda IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun IndocementIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Indocement Tunggal PrakarsaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Jasa MargaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun JiwasrayaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Karyawan PINDADIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Karyawan PT PAL IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Pembangunan PerumahanIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun PerhutaniIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun PerkebunanIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun PerumnasIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun PGIIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun PPPK PetraIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun PT BTN (Persero)Indonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Rothmans Pall MallIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun SampoernaIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Semen GresikIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun TELKOMIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Tugu MandiriIndonesia
PT Dana Pensiun Wijaya KaryaIndonesia
PT Danareksa Fund ManagementIndonesia
PT Danareksa Investment ManagementIndonesia
PT Deutsche Morgan GrenfellIndonesia
PT Dewan Asuransi IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Forex Club IndonesiaIndonesia
PT HG AsiaIndonesia
PT Indolife PensiontamaIndonesia
PT ING LifeIndonesia
PT ING Life Insurance Co LtdIndonesia
PT Jardine Fleming Investment ManagementIndonesia
PT Jerjaya Prudential Assurance LimitedIndonesia
PT Lippo Investments Management LtdIndonesia
PT Lippo Life InsuranceIndonesia
PT MAA Asuransi UmumIndonesia
PT Manufacturers Life Insurance CoIndonesia
PT Manulife Funds DirectIndonesia
PT Meespierson Finas Investment ManagementIndonesia
PT Meridian Asset Management Sdn BhdIndonesia
PT Morgan Grenfell Asset ManagementIndonesia
PT Nikko Capital ManagementIndonesia
PT Nikko Global Asset ManagementIndonesia
PT Panin Insurance TbkIndonesia
PT Panin Life TbkIndonesia
PT Paramount Global Assets Sdn BhdIndonesia
PT Prudential BancBali Life AssuranceIndonesia
PT Royal & Sun Alliance Indrapura InsuranceIndonesia
PT Schroder Investment Management IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Seapower Asset ManagementIndonesia
PT SSB Citi Global Asset ManagementIndonesia
PT Winterthur Life IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Winterthur Swiss Insurance (Asia) LimitedIndonesia
PT Yayasan Dana Pensiun Standard Chartered BankIndonesia
PT Young Poong Manulife Insurance CoIndonesia
PT Zurich Insurance IndonesiaIndonesia
PT Zurich Life Insurance IndonesiaIndonesia
PTB Asset MgmtIndonesia
Rashid Hussian Asset Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
RBC Investment ManagementMalaysia
RBC Investment Management (Asia)Hong Kong
Regent Pacific Group LtdHong Kong
Reliance Securities Investment Trust Co LtdHong Kong
Rothschild Asset ManagementSingapore
Rothschild Asset ManagementTaiwan
Royal & Sun Alliance Indrapura InsuranceSingapore
Safe Investment Co LtdHong Kong
Safety InsuranceHong Kong
Sammaggi Insurance PclThailand
Samshin Allstate Life Insurance Co LtdThailand
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Samsung Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Samsung Life Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Samsung LifeInsurance Co., LtdSouth Korea
SBB Asset Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
SCB Asset Management Co LtdThailand
Schroder Investment ManagementThailand
Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) LtdSingapore
Schroders Investment ManagementHong Kong
Search Investment Holdings LtdHong Kong
Seoul Guarantee Insurance CoHong Kong
Seoul Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Shin Kong Life InsuranceSouth Korea
Shindongah Fire & Marine Insurance CoTaiwan
Shinhan Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Shinhan Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Shinyoung Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
SHK Fund ManagementSouth Korea
Siam Commercial Asset Management Co LtdHong Kong
Siam Commercial Life Assurance PclThailand
Sime Axa Assurance BhdThailand
Singapore Reinsurance Corporation LimitedMalaysia
Singsegi Investment TrustSingapore
Sino Reinsurance Brokers LtdSouth Korea
SK Investment Trust Management CoHong Kong
Sk Life Insurance Co LtdSouth Korea
Skandia AsiaHong Kong
Skandia AsiaSouth Korea
SM Investments CorporationHong Kong
Social Welfare DepartmentPhilippines
South East Insurance Co LtdThailand
Ssangyong Investment and SecurityThailand
SSB Citi Asset ManagementSingapore
SSB Citi Asset ManagementSouth Korea
SSB CITI Asset Management GroupHong Kong
Standard Chartered Investment ServicesHong Kong
State Adminsitration of Foreign ExchangeHong Kong
Sumitomo Life HKChina
Sun Alliance Insurance (M) Sdn BhdHong Kong
Swiss Re Investors Asia LtdMalaysia
Swiss Reinsurance Company LimitedHong Kong
Syn Mun Kong Insurance PclHong Kong
Templeton Asset ManagementThailand
Templeton Asset Management LtdHong Kong
Templeton Investment Trust Management CoSingapore
Templeton Investment Trust Management CoSouth Korea
Thai Asia Mutual FundSouth Korea
Thai Farmers Asset Management Co LtdThailand
Thai Farmers Bank Provident Fund Asset ManagementThailand
Thai Life Insurance Co LtdThailand
Thai Reinsurance PclThailand
Thai Yasuda Insurance Co LtdThailand
Thai Zurich Insurance Co LtdThailand
The Ayudhya Insurance PclThailand
The Mutual Fund Asset Management Co LtdThailand
The Tai Ping Life Insurance Company LtdThailand
The Thai Bond Dealing CentreHong Kong
TISCO Asset Management Co LtdThailand
TISCO Provident Fund Asset ManagementThailand
TMB Asset  Management Co LtdThailand
Tokio Marine Investment ServicesThailand
Tokyo Mitsubishi International (HK) LtdHong Kong
Transcend Securities Investment Trust Co LtdHong Kong
Transcend Securities Investment Trust Co LtdTaiwan
Tung Tai Asset Management LtdTaiwan
UnigloryHong Kong
Union InsuranceTaiwan
UOB Asset ManagementTaiwan
UOB Asset Management LtdSingapore
UOB Asset Managment LtdSingapore
UOB-TA Asset Management Sdn BhdMalaysia
Value PartnersHong Kong
Value PartnersSingapore
Viriya Insurance Co LtdHong Kong
Viriyah Insurance Co.,LtdThailand
Winning Investment ManagementThailand
Winterthur Swiss Insurance (Asia) LimitedHong Kong
World Bank Thailand OfficeHong Kong
World-wide Investment Co LtdHong Kong
Worldsec Asset ManagementHong Kong
Zurich InsuranceSouth Korea
Zurich Insurance Company (Asia) LtdHong Kong
Zurich LifePhilippines